What is fear? You know a lizard is in your room and you not able to locate it..is “fear”..
How fear stops you from achieving big things in life. How fear is an infusing factor to bigger mistakes in life. Take charge of your life. Stop blaming destiny. You and only you are the sole owner of your life and your lives decisions. Because something’s in life can never be rolled back. So before it’s too late, realise you and only you are the maker of your life’s path. Sometimes it’s better to learn from others mistakes than making one.

You’re life’s interesting journey of childhood games, lovely friends and a busy day full of games was interrupted with small fears of competitiveness, exams , being a good child, not letting your family and your reputation fall. These small fears led you believe in small self made superstitious like wearing the same lucky dress on your exam days, walking the same lucky path to your college, talking to that lucky friend. Well!! Although it might sound the most foolish thing on earth. I got entangled in these smaller superstitious day by day. I became a prisoner of my own thoughts. Slowly without my knowledge, I had bigger ones like stop pursuing these dreams of yours to achieve these dreams. It may sound most uninteresting and foolish, but the more i lost control over my thoughts, the more mightier my negativity got. I knew I was losing myself , but I failed to get stronger due to fear of losing something’s. I followed everything, became a slave of my own negative thoughts. Today, when I have almost crossed half of my life’s journey and look back of what I have achieved. I feel empty handed. All that is achieved, is just on records for people. Was there a sense of satisfaction in me? Was there happiness? Was there freedom? I feel like stepping into each of these moments and reliving my life. So, life is a very crucial journey, don’t take urself too seriously. Enjoy your life, live each moment like your ever want to live. Fall in love, that’s the most beautiful feeling in the world, failures are stepping stones to success. So never fear, never became a slave to your own negative thoughts, overpower it. Last but not the least, when you take your last breath, you should just wish, hope you just had one more day to achieve something even bigger. Free yourself from all bondages of fear. Love yourself.


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