I’m an introvert

A person who respects and understand silence, unsaid tales, emotions, feelings and thoughts beyond understanding. May be because introverts over-think. Therefore they feel too much. More than they should.I dont talk too much. I do not like people easily. I am different with every person of my mini social circle. Intensions are always good. The thing is i cant express myself with anyone that easy. And people often misunderstood me. They think of me weird,rude,complicated etc.
Yes i behave awkward imfront of people with whom m not comfortable. But i’m not like they assume. 😔 I am who I am


Strange woman

When they see you as a strong woman, they think that you do not need anything or anyone, you can bear everything and will overcome whatever happens. That you do not mind being listened to, cared for or pampered.

When they see you as a strong woman, they just look for you to help them carry their crosses. They talk to you and they think you do not need to be heard.

A strong woman is not asked if she is tired, suffering or falling, if she has anxiety or fear. The important thing is that she is always there: a lighthouse in the fog or a rock in the middle of the sea.

The strong woman is not forgiven anything. If she loses control, she becomes weak. If she loses her temper, she becomes hysterical.

When the strong woman disappears a minute, it is immediately noticeable, but when she is there, her presence is usual.

But the strength that is needed every day, to be that kind of woman, does not matter to anyone.

Honor, recognize, respect and thank the strong women in your life, because they also need to be restrained, loved and feel that they can rest.”

Who am I?

I believe that the question “Who am I?” can’t be simply answered. Rather, a person needs to create the answer for themselves.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Everyone is born a blank slate, albeit somewhat defined by things like economic class, prejudices people may have towards you and/or any diseases/disabilities you may be born with. Though most people, when asked that question, generally answer with their name, where they live, and hobbies.

When you go through life you’re creating yourself. You like certain things, you don’t like others. You form opinions and have thoughts. You find activities that you enjoy. You meet people and make friends. You start life from somewhere but you build your own path from there, rather than tracing one laid out before you.

One way to answer the question would be to think of the things you like, some interesting/strange facts about you or maybe even your favorite songs and books. The problem with the question is that because of the aforementioned “building your own path” thing, you can’t really make a person understand who you are with words, because they didn’t experience your life.

But if you’re trying to answer that question for yourself, I think the main thing you can try to do is think of what you like and dislike, how you spend most of your time, what you think makes you an individual and not just a random entity going through life.


What is fear? You know a lizard is in your room and you not able to locate it..is “fear”..
How fear stops you from achieving big things in life. How fear is an infusing factor to bigger mistakes in life. Take charge of your life. Stop blaming destiny. You and only you are the sole owner of your life and your lives decisions. Because something’s in life can never be rolled back. So before it’s too late, realise you and only you are the maker of your life’s path. Sometimes it’s better to learn from others mistakes than making one.

You’re life’s interesting journey of childhood games, lovely friends and a busy day full of games was interrupted with small fears of competitiveness, exams , being a good child, not letting your family and your reputation fall. These small fears led you believe in small self made superstitious like wearing the same lucky dress on your exam days, walking the same lucky path to your college, talking to that lucky friend. Well!! Although it might sound the most foolish thing on earth. I got entangled in these smaller superstitious day by day. I became a prisoner of my own thoughts. Slowly without my knowledge, I had bigger ones like stop pursuing these dreams of yours to achieve these dreams. It may sound most uninteresting and foolish, but the more i lost control over my thoughts, the more mightier my negativity got. I knew I was losing myself , but I failed to get stronger due to fear of losing something’s. I followed everything, became a slave of my own negative thoughts. Today, when I have almost crossed half of my life’s journey and look back of what I have achieved. I feel empty handed. All that is achieved, is just on records for people. Was there a sense of satisfaction in me? Was there happiness? Was there freedom? I feel like stepping into each of these moments and reliving my life. So, life is a very crucial journey, don’t take urself too seriously. Enjoy your life, live each moment like your ever want to live. Fall in love, that’s the most beautiful feeling in the world, failures are stepping stones to success. So never fear, never became a slave to your own negative thoughts, overpower it. Last but not the least, when you take your last breath, you should just wish, hope you just had one more day to achieve something even bigger. Free yourself from all bondages of fear. Love yourself.

Who am I?

I am a Being of the Old Powers are resting inside me, as old as the world. I am a Being of the Old Energies are flowing through me, which I am not able to channel nor use… The old ways are long forgotten, teachers not to be found. I am a Being of the Old, heart bound to nature, wind and sea. I am a Being of the Old stuck in a time I don’t belong. I am a female warrior of the Old, a swordswoman for the weak and brave. I am a Being of the Old unrivaled in passion, a soul as free as a raven’s yet chained to the ground.


The beauty of the world is upon us at last, present and future, it’s just like the past. The wind breathes life in every three, and the leaves give in without a plea. The birds sing out across the lake, Just to hear the tune they make. They believe in themselves and each other, Just like a brother or a sister. Water splashes from a trickling stream, Fish swim below in a shoal, a team. The water is calm and soothes me too, Just listening, for there’s nothing to do.



I hope what I’m about to write will mean something on some level.

I think my biggest motivation as an adult is to be the best I can be. To let go of all I thought I was and allow my amazing and brilliant true self to shine through. I know that as I allow more and more of the things that I had amassed, thinking they reflected who I really was, to fall away, my journey homeward continues, beautiful and with the perfection which is inherent.

And one of things which keeps that motivation fired up and blazing day after day, week after week is seeing how others too are awakening to themselves. I love that. Its beautiful to watch someone make those realization. It’s a true blessing to realize that no_one is more spiritual than anyone else and that we all have access to the vastness of the universal mind. To know that we all have access to the same wisdom